Thursday, July 30, 2009

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Our door is always open for friends and family!

Our back doors...I had to do a lot of talking to get these...but I LOVE them!!!

Barn siding waiting to be cleaned and put up in the "great room".

The beams from my grandparents barn in OH and our toilets are in the boxes!

All ready for the electric inspection!

Ready for my washer and dryer!

Our new front door..Ready for stain and hardware! This was one of the best choices we have made.

Shower upstairs (with the seat on the correct side).

It is amazing how life can get in the way of building a house. Summer is flying by and between our schedule and the boys schedule there just doesn't seem to be any extra time for anything. I am in Hilton Head for work this week and finally had a few minutes (and a good internet connection) that I could update the blog. This should be an exciting week since we finally got the doors up. They should finish the siding and hopefully the plumber will finally finish so we can past our inspection for electic and plumbing so we can move on to heating and air and dry wall!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Scooby Doo

Another childhood series that inspired my love for Halloween.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


One of the most disappointing things as a home haunter is not being able to get out to visit other home haunts as Halloween approaches.
I've always been intrigued by other home haunts and try to make it a point to visit as many as I can before Halloween night and meet up with the creators , but most home haunts are only open on Halloween night.
This makes it impossible for most home haunters to visit each others displays because were too busy working on our own events, so we have to resort to seeing photos and videos on the Internet of each others creative displays.

Paul & Kim from The Boneyard Bargains have found a way to recreate this excitement during the warm summer months. Every June for the past five years they have hosted an event called SCAREFEST that brings all home haunters together.

Scarefest allows you to:

  • Meet other home haunters (Ontario Haunter's Club).
  • Learn new ideas & trade secrets from the haunt industry.
  • Purchase Halloween props or swap.
  • Participate in a contest for best homemade prop-static and best homemade prop animated.
  • Walk through haunt with props for sale.
  • Purchase raffle tickets for amazing Halloween prizes.
  • Enjoy a great BBQ and refreshments
  • See attached photos.

I was so happy to be around people who are as obsessed about Halloween & home haunting as I am.

Thanks again to Paul & Kim for "The Perfect Summer Day".