Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Still plugging along!

They have started painting the outside..They just haven't gotten up enough courage to walk on the roof!

They have gotten one coat on all 4 sides!

The kids bathroom..Garrett selected the color. Tile is finished in here!

The front bedroom.

The boys bedroom. Orange was the only color they could agree on!

Tile in the master bathroom. Should finish tiling the shower today!

Started putting up the old barn siding.

The laundry room.

Close up of the trim work around the windows, with primer on them. Also, if you look real close you can see the septic tank outside. It only took two septic tanks to get the job done! Anyone have a need for a broken septic tank?

Just another picture of the front bedroom with the windows trimmed and a coat of primer.

For those of you who thought we had run out of money, we have scraped up a little more and are slowly working on the house again:-) The painters have been working and the tile man should finish up this week. Interior doors should be hung this week and finish the trim. The big hold up is going to be kitchen cabinets. We are excited about the progress! We should finish up football and fair seasons the end of the month and then we really can concentrate on finishing the house. Lots going on...so stop by and visit!

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