Sunday, October 10, 2010


Finished another project for the haunt today.

I had to build a wooden structure made out of 2" x 4" and half inch plywood to wrapped around the front porch area (21' x 10') for the custom banner I purchased last year from Illusionator at Transworld Show in St. Louis.

Because we are a corner house and we get a lot of wind howling through our porch area, the banner became a sail last year and started to rip. So this year I'm not taking any chances and built a wooden structure for more support.

The banner has two eye's cut out of the skull head where I've placed two 19" computer monitors that light up at night with fire burning eye's, on the second half of the banner I have a large window frame where I will be playing Halloween theme movies continuously throughout the evenings.

The inside of the porch area is very dull so far, I've covered up all the wood with burlap and camouflage netting to hide how ugly it looks. Now I have to come up with some kind of a theme haunted hallway.

Any suggestions?

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