Monday, January 31, 2011


A fellow haunter told me last week about a great deal on gaming speakers at a local auto store Princess Auto. I'll be honest, I would never think of looking for any kind of speaker at an auto store and why would I be interested in a gaming speaker.

I was told these particular speakers are a dream come true for a home haunter...

Altec Lansing designed these speakers to work with just about any gaming console which allows you to hook up your Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, or DJ Hero and take your sound to a whole new level.

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These speakers have mutable uses for a Home Haunter, the ports on the right hand side allow you to hook up a MP3 player or your Ipod. Now your able to create an ambient sound(s) for any room or prop in your haunt that's able to continuously loop.

There's more than enough sound coming out of this 40 watt speaker with a 6-1/2" woofer, these speakers can be used for a static prop, Animatronic Prop, or creepy sound effects in your haunt. Another cool feature in these speakers are they have a left channel and a right channel, this allows you to hook up mutable speakers with surround sound.

The best part of all of this is the price I paid, the speakers normally retail for $59.99 CDN. I paid $24.99, Princess Auto had ordered to many last year and was blowing them out to reduce their inventory. I purchase 12 of them, I'll be using them throughout my walk through Mausoleum.

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