Sunday, September 18, 2011


A much needed update this weekend. I replaced my two front entrance Gargoyle pillars with two new ones from Distortions Unlimited.

I didn't like the original color on the Gargoyles because they didn't match my pillars, so I re-painted them.

Here they are with a black base coat.

After painting them black, I sponged on two different shades of grey paint. I also wanted to add a little more detail to them, so I went to Michael's craft store and pick up some fall vine leaves and moss. I'm pleased on how they turned out.

The rest of my pillars were sanded down, re-painted, new flickering lights added, and some climbing fall vines.

All and all I'm just pleased to have another project for the haunt out of the way. Now back to working on the Mausoleum.

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