Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy 35th Birthday Wesley!!!

Bricks to be laid today!

Insulation in the ceiling.

Insulation downstairs ready to be finished today! With dry wall starting tomorrow.

Insulation going up the steps!

The upstairs insulation is done!

We have water!!! It actually has a really good taste!

Close up of the Old Charleston Brick we are using.
Well, the boys are back to school and we almost have survived a full week. The hard part is that we started football last night and the boys are exhausted. Today, for Wesley's birthday, we will be back at the football field, but we should see some really neat things at the house like brick started and insulation finished..They are planning to have the dry wall finished by Sunday. The next panic is kitchen cabinets. We thought that was the first decision we had made, but our orginal cabinet maker is not going to be able to do them, so we have gotten a quote from another, but he can't start for another month and then said it would take 2 more months to build them...So we will see. The other problem is I have to have a stove with a down draft and there is only one company...Jenn Air...a little more than what I wanted to spend on a stove...I guess there goes another chair!

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