Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Heating and Air!

The house with the new porch railings. We really didn't want them, but code said we had to have them since we are so high off the ground.

Closer view of the railings

Heating and air stuff...

Our house is trashed! Wesley announced that we will have a cleaning this weekend.

The vents are going in.

Master shower and bath...I LOVE my tub.

Wesley chose my tub and I LOVE it. He said it wasn't big enough for him, but he wasn't planning on using it anyway. It is PERFECT for me! I can't wait to try it out! By the way, did I mention I LOVED my tub!!!

The boys shower is ready for water!
We are busy with getting ready to go back to school (the boys start on Monday) and the house is busy getting heat and air. With our 95+ degree weather we have been having the air can't come fast enough. It sounds like the dry wallers will come next week. We also have selected our brick layer, now we just need to clean the brick (we are using old brick) so if you want something to do, let us know! The bad news is our cabinet maker has decided he isn't going to be able to make the cabinets, so I guess we will move on to plan B (however, we don't have a plan B). Other than that, I am really excited about how things are going. However, I have hit the point that I am ready to get in. I am tired of dreaming and looking, I am ready to start living and enjoying!!!

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