Monday, March 22, 2010


The Thornhill Woods Haunted House was recently featured on the Party Mamas reality show. We received many compliments from the community, friends, family, and other home haunters on our episode.

Here's the link (click: Party Mamas / Season 3 / Episode 37).

Well I guess not everybody enjoyed our episode and I thought I would share this lovely lady's personal email to me directly.

Name: Lisa
Comments: I just watched slice TV segment with you on it. You are totally insane and need psychological help, if I was your wife I would leave you. I hope your kids and the kids of the neighborhood are not traumatized, but they probably are. With all the money you have spent, you have only raised $3,000 in a year - you would be better off donating all the money you spend on that crap to Sick Kids directly.

Now I have pretty thick skin and could care less what people think about me, but this lady (if she even deserves to be called that) took the time to research on my site how much money I raised in 2009 and said some pretty personal things.

Here's my responds back to her.

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for writing in, but before you make such harsh comments you should know all the facts.

We've received nothing but praise and positive feedback for all that we do for the community.
My wife and I give 100% of all donations to Sick Kids Hospital.
Party Mamas is a Reality TV Show and everything is Exaggerated for drama and ratings.

I guess there's always someone out there who feels differently and you're entitled to your opinion.
If anyone needs psychological help, it's you. You obviously can't tell the difference between real life and reality TV.

GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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