Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I was excited to find out when I got home from work today that I had received a package in the mail. I knew by the size and shape it was the Halloween children's book I had pre-ordered back in July 2010 "The Halloween Kid" written by Rhode Montijo.

The Halloween Kid is about a mysterious masked boy who wrangles Halloween hoodlums to keep the night safe for trick-or-treaters. All is well for years, that is, until a band of greedy goodie goblins gallop onto the scene - then even the Halloween Kid can use a helpin’ hand.

My two boys Ryan (6) and Matthew (3) have had me already read this rootin', tootin' tale of heroism to them several times, they really enjoyed the toilet-paper-tossing mummies and pumpkin-sucking vampires.

If you have kids, nieces, newphews, grandchildren, or just love children and Halloween, I highly recomend this children's Halloween book by Rhode Montijo.

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