Thursday, August 26, 2010


For the past three years I've been consistently asked, where do you buy your carved pumpkins from? I always tell everyone, I do them myself. "Oh" are you a graphic designer? No I reply, I'm just creative when it comes to sourcing out the best stencil carved pumpkins for Halloween.

I personally get really annoyed with myself when I purchase a great looking pumpkin and screw it up trying to carve something spooky and it turns out looking like crap!

So I'll let you all in on a secret of mine, here's where I get my pumpkin stencils from. offers its own breed of original pumpkin stencils which anyone can print out and use to create some of the most impressive pumpkin carving masterpieces that you could possibly imagine, in your neighborhood. You can dazzle anybody. You can really get that reaction for your pumpkins, as you're carving them this year.

When you put these carved monstrosities on your porch, you're guaranteed to be the hit of your block. It's hard to not love pumpkin carving when your entire neighborhood is showering your doorstep on Halloween night.

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Ryan Wickstrand (Owner), runs the Zombie Pumpkin Web site that sells the creepy pumpkin carving stencils of his own designs of typical Hollywood monsters, but also creates characters and designs based on people's requests.

He has created over 218 pattern options, you can download the ones you want for a small fee. You can also grab some pointers for making your carved creations even more creeptacular.

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