Monday, October 30, 2006

As you can see, the house is really starting to take shape!

All American Scaffold, Inc. started putting up scaffolding for fall protection in the light wells. Soon it'll be much safer for the carpenters and all the other contractors that will be working on the house over the next few months.

I talked to Brad at the job site this morning. He had met with the plumber earlier in the morning, and they had discussed the routing of sewer lines. The good news is, because of the way the drains line up on the first floor, the plumber will have to use a 4" sewer line. With the wider pipe, he only needs a fall of 1/8" per foot instead of the 1/4" per foot with a 3" line. That means Brad won't have to soffit in the basement and we can have full height ceilings.

There were, however, a couple of other issues. The guest bathroom shower head needs to be moved to the opposite wall. This would have implications for the pocket door located there, but if the pocket door is reversed, then the light switch would be affected....

After talking it over with Gary, we decided to change to tub/shower into a shower only. We'll fir out the wall for the water pipes and move the pocket door over a couple of inches to accomodate the larger width required for a shower. But the light switch will still work.

Also in the corner of the kitchen, behind the cabinets, Brad will have to roll the sewer lines around the top and bottom plates because of the sheer walls and Simpson Strong Walls. In the back corner of our full-height, overhead cabinet, the cabinet maker will have to build a box to hide the pipe. Same thing in the back corner of the bottom cabinet. Not a big deal because these are buried deep in the corner, up high and down low.

Finally, Brad said he'll be pouring concrete for the garage floor first thing Wednesday morning.

On another note, this afternoon, I met with Wes from Century Stereo at the job site. I explained to him what I would like to be able to do as far as home automation and audio/video distribution. I'm going to send him a set of our electrical plans and he's going to come up with some rough estimates for systems to accomplish what I'm looking for.

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