Monday, October 2, 2006

If you had blinked, you would have missed it all!

I stopped by the job site at 10 AM this morning, and the framing contractors from KC Construction were already busy at work putting up the first floor walls.

You can see in the second picture, how much they accom- plished during the hour I spent there, talking to Brad and Dennis and watching them work. Dennis was putting together the rebar for the concrete piers that will be poured in the back patio and front porch. Brad and Dennis were talking about getting a bunch of paperwork from Murray Engineers and DCI and scheduling an inspection on Wednesday, so that they can pour the concrete on Thursday.

In the third picture, taken at 3 PM, it looks like the entire first floor (minus the Strong Walls) has been framed.

On another note, this afternoon we drove down to Terico. They have quite an extensive assortment of stone and ceramic tiles in their warehouse. We found a nice 16"x16" chiseled Tuscany-color travertine tile that we'd like to use in the lower courtyard and on the back patio. We borrowed a sample piece to show Brad.

We also stopped at Four Seasons Remodeling Center, a fireplace dealer who carries Regency fireplaces. The Regency website told me they have a Regency P36 model on display and we wanted to take a look at it because that's the fireplace we are planning to select now.

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