Monday, October 23, 2006

On Friday, Waterproofing Associates mopped a layer of primer followed by waterproofing material in the garage. You can see they're ready for the concrete to be poured.

This morning a load of lumber for the roof was delivered. Unfortunately the stackers from KC Construction were not there -- maybe they were rescheduled for tomorrow. The carpenters were there, however, putting up plywood on the outside of the second floor and suspending the ceiling joists in the garage.

We saw Brad at the job site and talked to him about several items:

1. We gave him our column selection for the front porch and back patio -- a tapered round PermaCast column from HB&G. We still need to talk to Gary about some details for the railing around the courtyard and how it ties into the column in the back patio.

2. We also told Brad we wanted Presidential Shake in Charcoal Black for our roof.

3. Brad told us we won't need to select our garage doors until much later -- next spring. For the garage side door, he's going to select a basic windowless, four panel, fiberglass door.

4. I asked Brad to call James at Sunnyvale Lumber to make sure his quote is for a complete, mulled unit (3' 6" x 6' 8" door plus three light transom). He's also going to confirm that it's a left-hand swing "butt to butt" door.

5. Finally, we talked about the railings for the light wells and courtyard. He'll setup a meeting with his welder to go over the options later. In the meantime, Brad had a scaffolding contractor come out to look at the scaffolding needs for fall protection around the light wells.

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