Wednesday, April 1, 2009


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The 2009 Transworld Haunt & Attraction Show in St. Louis, MO was truly an experience. It definitely lives up to it's name as the "King of Haunt & Attraction Shows" with all the newest products and services in the Haunt and Attractions industries. This show brings together the best buyers and exhibitors from U.S.A and Canada.

I was totally blown away by all the amazing Hollywood style animatronic props, costumes, masks, make-up, set designs, and life size zombie characters that were exhibited by the vendors at the show. Most of the products were tailored towards the professional Haunted House industry, but if you were a serious Home Haunters like myself, this was the place to be to get new ideas and to get inspired for Halloween 2009.

The best part of the show for me was being able to speak with the owners and creative artists who design and manufacture what nightmares are made of, I was able to pick their brains to see what inspires them to come up with their nightmarish creations and learn some tricks of the trade.

Another highlight of the weekend for me was spending quality time with some fellow Canadian Haunters and other new friends that I've made from within the Haunted House industry. I had a great time spending the weekend with Brian & Trisha (my new brother & sister-in-law) who have created most of all my new zombie props in my graveyard display. Chris my Web Site Designer who is not only a creative genius, but also an amazing person. Bruce who has inspired me with his amazing yard haunt since my early beginnings and become a good friend, Victoria who runs the Ontario Haunters Club and her own business. Paul & Clay who are truly the most creative haunters I know in the haunt industry.

While I was in St. Louis attending the Transworld Haunt & Attraction Show, I had the pleasure of visiting one of the top three Professional Haunted Houses in the United States.

"The Darkness" is considered on of the best Haunted Houses in the industry. If you like to be scared, this is the place for you! The combination of technological special effects and amazing design will scare the most jaded of Halloween connoisseurs.

The two-story building was filled with room after room of ghouls and gore. My friends and I entered rooms where the floor moved under our feet and we were constantly being surprised by live actors.

If you're ever in the St. Louis area and looking to have a good scare, treat yourself to "The Darkness"!

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