Monday, April 20, 2009

Build It and They Will Come

Picnic in the backyard!

Aunt LA, Aunt Marsha and the girls hanging out on the back porch!

Aubrey seeing how the back porch is for crawling!

Madison and Caleb's first visit!

Something about letting dead dogs lie...

Garrett, Aubrey and Ms. Von working on Aubrey's walking.

There is a lot of "trash" when building a house...but WHY there is a bowling ball is still a mystery!

Though there isn't much building going on (hope that changes by the end of the week) we are keeping our minds and bodies occupied with baseball, food and play productions... After the baseball tournament on Saturday, the family had a picnic at the new house courtesy of Ms. Von and Mr. Tom. It was VERY yummy, however, the shade and restroom facilities were limited.

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