Friday, July 14, 2006

Here are a series of pictures taken on Friday, July 14, 2006.

In the first picture, you can see all the gravel has been put down. You can also see the shoring that was done on the right-side of the property. The same was done on the left-side. The reason for this shoring is to prevent the excavated walls from caving in. Normally they would cut the walls at an angle like they did at the back (as seen in the left half of this picture). But they can't do that on the sides because the house is only a few feet from the property line. The large 4-foot diameter round sleeve buried in the ground (the black object at the bottom middle of the picture) is where the sewer ejector is supposed to go. It's the lowest point in the basment. Unfortunately it's filled with water.

The next three pictures show a few of the sump pumps. The first one is near the sewer ejector, in the front of the property. As you can see, the water is just gushing into the french drain. The next one is located in the back right of the property. And the last one in located in the back left of the property.

The last picture is a basement-level view. From here you can better see the trenches for the sewers in the basement.

Brad met with Dennis, Rob, and George from Waterproofing Associates at the job site today to discuss the de-watering issues. The plan is to drop Water Stopper into the sleeve to seal the bottom as much as possible and prevent more water from bubbling up into the sleeve. Waterproofing Associates also suggested using Water Stopper wherever we have small puddles of water, such as in the light wells. They seem very satisfied with the waterproofing technique our contractor is using.

In the meantime, Ferma is casting a concrete form. It will have a 36" outer diameter and a 27" inner diameter. Using a crane, they will place the concrete form into the sleeve where it will keep the water out, while the mud slab is poured. If all goes well, the concrete form will be in place on Monday, and the mud slab will be poured on Tuesday.

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