Monday, July 24, 2006

These pictures were taken on Monday morning. On Friday, July 21, 2006, they had added a layer of Volclay Ultraseal over the entire mud slab. Here is a description of this water- proofing technology from the CETCO Building Materials Group website:

"Volclay Ultraseal is a technological advancement in below-grade waterproofing that combines natural sodium bentonite and a chemically resistant hydrophilic polymer to form a bentonite-polymer alloy (BPA). Ultraseal provides exceptional performance unmatched by other commercially available waterproofing systems. The key to Ultraseal’s exceptional performance is the unique bentonite-polymer interaction formed through a proprietary blending process. This process produces a homogeneous alloy with improved contaminant resistance, enhanced swelling properties, and a baseline permeability one magnitude better than natural sodium bentonite. Not only does Ultraseal have a lower permeability, it weighs 50% less than traditional bentonite products, making it easier to handle and install. The active, swelling properties of the bentonite-polymer alloy seals small concrete cracks and works under continuous and intermittent hydrostatic conditions."

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