Monday, July 31, 2006

I saw Brad at the job site this afternoon. The crew from Jim Giancola Concrete was just finishing up -- picking up all the loose nails and scraps of wire on the floor of the basement with a magnet. They were also putting a ribbon of Greenstreak PVC Waterstop around the edge of the forms. This material will be embedded halfway in the structural slab and halfway in the middle of the basement walls. Yet another layer of waterproofing material for added redundancy.

Brad was waiting for John, the structural engineer from John Ou & Associates, to come and look over and sign off on the rebar work. John's only comment was to move a couple of the curved rebar pieces closer to the edge near the lightwell in the back left of the basement.

Dennis, the field foreman from Jim Giancola Concrete, estimates his crew put down about 10 tons of rebar for the structural slab! There are probably about six more tons of straight rebar sitting in the street. That rebar will be used in the foundation walls.

Brad will be meeting the plumber and the city inspector tomorrow morning. The plumber is going to put in some piping for the drains in each of the light wells. If the inspector signs off on all the work, then Brad will be pouring the structural slab at 8:00 AM on Wednesday.

Brad will let the concrete set for the rest of the week and through the weekend. Then Dennis will be back out next Monday to start building the forms for the walls.

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