Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 10 - Is today Friday the 13th?

Well, no pictures because on my way by the house I noticed Wesley had a heifer in the shoot and the only thing you could see of his arm was his I figured he could use some help. So with ballet slippers (which by the way don't get much grip) and all I set off to be the good farmers wife and assist with the labor and delivery. We finally had a happy/healthy very LARGE calf. However, I had to run back home and change shoes, wash up and back to work I go. Now about the house..we are NOT getting inspection today because the inspector is off...who does he think he is ..taking a day off...does he not know I want to get in my house!!!! However, I was promised insepction on Monday morning...pour more cement on Monday so my house will officially be hurricane and earthquake proof (thank you Edisto Beach) and then on to framing....I hope. Oh..and there is now electric to the house so we won't be living like the Amish!

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