Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 9 - We have Foundation...well part of it!

The view from the road.

Garrett checking out the foundation.
He decided he was going to need a step ladder to get in the house!
Wes again decided to stay home and study (2 tests today). I am starting to think that he just likes the independance of being home by himself...I guess he is growing up (sorry that it is a different blog). Back to the house...

Front of the house.

Close up of the craftsmanship!

Garrett so wanting to get in there.

The big pile of sand that Garrett tried to climb and got fussed at.
Well we have the outside foundation done and now they will come in today and do the inside pillars. Inspection tomorrow and then I think it is time to cut down some trees and start framing!!! We are suppose to have beautiful Spring weather for the rest of the week and next week so hopefully they can get LOTS done!

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