Monday, March 9, 2009

First Dinner Guests

On Saturday Wesley decided we would cook out at the new house. So after Wes and I got back from his 4-H shotgun meeting we headed over to the house. It was amazing how much trash accumilates when building a house. So the boys loaded up on the Gator and started picking up plastic and cement bags and Wesley and I started the grill. As we were getting the hamburgers on the grill we noticed someone coming up the drive. It turned out to be our building inspector and his wife. YIPPIE...let's give this man a raise for work on Saturday!!! He gave the nod of approval for the foundation and the temporary electric pole. So that leads us to pouring cement today. However, we couldn't get a cement truck until this afternoon, but that should be done today and then I think if I understood right...floors this week! It was also weird to call Wesley this morning and tell him the "cows were out at the house"...weird but good!

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