Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's beginning to look like a house!

Garrett trying to be the second accident of the day. The first was one of the builders fell off the house...No major injury, but I am sure he is going to be sore.

The neighborhood kids..

My closet!

Our bedroom!

Interrior Walls to go up today!

Look from the front...

My picture I take "every day".

Builders working on interrior walls..

Another look..

It was like Christmas yesterday when I drove by the new heart was racing it was so exciting. It finally looks like a house. You can start to see what we did right and what we may have done wrong. However, the good news is we have started. We even had the neighborhood come to visit...The third bedroom has been called by Emmy who requested it be pink and Luke who just requested to come stay with us. It sounds like we should have built more bedrooms!

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