Monday, December 4, 2006

It was quiet at the job site today. In the morning, only the HVAC contractor was there, working on the second floor.

Brad arrived about the same time I did, and I talked to him briefly. He was surpised Adanac Fire Protection wasn't there installing the sprinklers yet, so he was going to give them a call. Also, he's not happy with the installation of the kitchen window box and is waiting to hear back from Argonaut Window & Door. The window extends out from the wall and there's a large gap between the wall and window. There's also a large gap between the header and the window.

When I returned home, I called Dave Bengel from CB Electric to check on the status of the home security installation quote. Dave said he received it, and he'll send it to me.

Later in the afternoon, I returned to the job site, and the electricians were there working on the cans and wiring for the first and second floors. Sometime earlier, another subcontractor had been there because all three showers had been hot mopped.

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