Thursday, December 28, 2006

This morning we called Dana at Burgess Hill to give him the green light to start working on our bathroom vanities. We also went to Cornelia's to have another look at plumbing fixtures. Michelle happened to be available so she helped us pick out just about all of our fixtures!

Here's a picture, taken a couple of days ago, of the inside of the window seat. It shows all the plywood that has been nailed to the wall to provide sheer strength.

Yesterday the sheetmetal fabricator was working on the roof of the window seat. Here's a picture of his work in progress.

The roof load was delivered yesterday, and the roofers started installing the asphalt shingles today. They should be done with the first floor today, and then the stucco contractors will be back to wrap the second floor tomorrow and Saturday.

The roofers should finish the second floor shingles by early next week. Today, someone from SolarCity dropped off the flashings for their stand offs. The roofers will also be installing those flashings.

Brad hopes to schedule a rough framing inspection for next Wednesday.

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