Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Yesterday afternoon Dana, from Burgess Hill, sent us quotes for the five bathrooms and the laundry room. So this morning we went to Home Depot to get a quote for the laundry room. We would consider buying prefabricated cabinets for the laundry room only because we don't care how that room looks, as long as it's functional. Based on a preliminary quote, we should be able to save a bundle, so there's a chance we may go with the Home Depot solution in that room (sorry Brad).

I arrived at the job site this afternoon just as the low voltage installers were wrapping up for the day. They've pulled most of the wires now. They're going to pick up a couple of 50" panels for the wiring closet for terminating all the Cat5e and coax cables. The speaker brackets arrived today, so they'll be installing them tomorrow.

Angel, the home security installer was still at work in the basement. He said he'll be all done by tomorrow.

The tile installer had left three edge samples in Brad's trailer for us to look at. None of them were quite what we wanted, so I called Brad to tell him. He suggested we go down to the tile shop and look at their samples.

Brad also told us that John Ou is meeting with the head plan check engineer today to iron out the structural details for the window seat. Brad's going to meet them downtown later this afternoon. He hopes to have a relatively simple fix, with just some additional plywood and strapping. This is great news for our schedule as well as our costs.

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