Friday, March 9, 2007

Brad called us this morning to tell us Phil and his crew were starting to paint the exterior. A few days ago, we had decided to go with the Kelly-Moore 217 Chadwick + 25% darker. By the time we had arrived at the job site, they were almost done with the second floor. That's Phil painting the back side of the second story. He starts by spraying a coat of paint and then using a roller, he smooths it out to ensure good coverage.

A couple of hours later, they had finished the first coat. I'm not sure how many coats they plan to paint.

On the inside, Troy is continued his work on the wainscot in the dining room. Here you can see he has added the MDF filler.

In the basement, an installer from Bonanza Heating and Air Conditioning turned on the gas and fired up the two furnaces! We can now heat the house... well, at least 2/3 of it. The furnace in the attic still needs electrical power and gas hooked up to it.

Note to Brad: after he tested the furnaces, he asked me if I wanted him to shut off the gas. I told him to go ahead and turn it off at the meter.

And finally, a couple of contractors from Argonaut Window & Door were there putting in the jam extensions on the kitchen box window and replacing a broken jam extension on a window in the dining room.

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