Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I talked to Brad this morning about the railing on the balcony. I felt it was too low especially since the lower courtyard is located directly below that side of the balcony; if you leaned too far, you'd fall about 20 feet down to the concrete courtyard below! He called Leonard from J B Ornamental Iron to let him know my concerns.

Brad brought up an issue with the downspout for the roof over the back patio. There isn't a good place to put it. We could either attach it to one of the round columns (which might look funny) or hang a chain from the gutter opening and secure it to the ground (might also look funny...). We'll have to think about this one.

We also talked about the driveway and walkway layout. We'll have to put some thought into that too.

Sunnyvale Lumber delivered the wood for the dining room wainscot and the exterior columns this morning.

Linda from Quality Discount Tile called to say the Warm Tile Floor material had arrived. I'll pick it up tomorrow.

I ordered some more home automation supplies from, including expansion modules for the Elk Products security controller.

I also ordered the Advanced Starter Kit from Simply Automated.

And finally, we just happened to see that started carrying the Grohe kitchen faucets we like, so we ordered a Grohe K4 for the main sink and a Grohe Ladylux Pro for the island sink. What a great deal!

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