Monday, March 26, 2007

This morning I went to Home Depot and purchased four exterior lights with motion detectors for the garage, balcony and courtyard.

I also went to Cornelia's to pick up our CalFaucets.

When I arrived at the job site, Sunnyvale Lumber had just finished delivering the transom window for the space above our front door.

This morning, Russ, the contractor from Coyne Stairs started his work on the stairs.

Ernie met with Brad while I was there, and they went over a number of issues that Brad had.

Ernie's tile crews were working on the lower courtyard steps, cutting 12 x 12 tiles to 6 x 6 for the balcony, tiling the master bath, and fixing the shower pan in bath #2. Here's a picture of them cutting the balcony tiles.

Troy and Rob finished the fireplace mantel and set it on top of the hearth.

I had gone to the job site to install the closet shelves for bed #1 closet. It was relatively simple and only took about an hour.

Back at home, we received the Insinkerator garbage disposals and hot/cold water dispenser from BuyPlumbing. And we ordered the chandelier for the dining room from

And finally, Brad told us our garage door should be installed on Friday.

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