Friday, March 23, 2007

The painters were back today caulking the second floor and preping it before they start painting.

One of the electricians was also there, continuing to install switches, plugs, and fixtures.

Dana was also at the house installing some crown molding on the cabinets.

The tile crews were working on the courtyard steps, master bathroom shower, guest bathroom shower, and kitchen backsplash. Here's a picture of the steps.

We had them remove two of the accent tiles in the kitchen backsplash to give it a cleaner look. Here's what it looks like now, with those accents removed.

Marblus showed up later in the morning with most of the remaining slabs.

This series of pictures shows them carrying the very large and very heavy whirlpool tub deck up to the second floor and setting it into place.

And here it is, nearly complete.

Later in the afternoon, we took a trip down to Marblus to select a new remnant for the bath #2 vanity. The one we had originally selected, had a fissure in it. While we were there talking to Leo, we all realized that Marblus never templated bath #3, so Leo was going to call Rudy who was still at the house, to make the template.

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