Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Brad called early this morning to say the cleaners had showed up to start working on the house. This was somewhat unexpected for us because we are in the middle of creating our punch list, and there's blue tape all over the walls. We told him to have them concentrate on cleaning the doors, windows, cabinets, and floors. They'll have to wait until Phil is done with paint touch-up before cleaning the walls.

When I arrived at the job site, the garage was all cleaned up and they were working on the kitchen and master bathroom. Brad came by a little later and I talked to him briefly. He needs to have the paperwork from SolarCity showing they passed their inspection because he scheduled his final inspection for TOMORROW!

National Construction Rental showed up around 11 AM and removed all of the construction fencing in about 15 minutes. Here's what the house looks like now.

And here are two pictures of the cleaned kitchen.

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