Thursday, June 14, 2007

When I arrived at the job site this morning, Brad was just finishing up with the city inspector. The inspector asked for about eight or nine items to be fixed, including:
  • the gas shutoff valve for the range must be within three feet of the range
  • torque down all of the bolts in the electrical panels
  • add while-in-use covers on all the exterior receptacles
  • secure the A/C condenser pad to the ground
  • some outlets were not working (they were probably turned off at the breakers because we only have temporary power)
  • add insulation to the attic access panel
  • add vacuum breakers on the handheld showers
Overall, the inspector said Brad did a great job, especially since this project has a basement, but he'll have to address these items and then call for another inspection. Hopefully that will happen early next week.

Ekrem showed up right after the inspector left and started to work on some of the items that needed to be corrected. I also told him about the light switches in bath #2 that didn't work, and he fixed them.

Later in the morning, Dana came to install the closet rods in the master closet.

He also started to install the flip-up cover above the vent hood in the kitchen, but he was very embarrassed to find that somehow he had miscalculated and ordered a panel that was about 3/4" too short! He'll need to order a new panel which will take a few weeks.

And finally, Tony came to the job site to stain the oak threshold at the front door. He's going to try and match the color of the walnut floors.

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