Thursday, June 21, 2007

This morning Daniel Mendoza called to tell us he was planting the tree that our neighbor had selected. We're replacing a tree which we removed about a year ago when we started digging the basement. The very large tree was on our neighbor's property but the roots were growing right where one of our light wells was going to be. At the time we promised to replace his tree with a new one of his choosing.

When we arrived at the job site, Daniel's crew was finishing up.

They will be back tomorrow to start working on the fence.

Also early this morning, Nelson Cleaning Service came back to finish cleaning the house. They spent the whole day working on everything including the walls, floors, windows, doors, tiles, and cabinets.

Later in the morning, we had our last meeting with Brad and gave him our final payment. While we're looking forward to moving into our new house, the meeting was bittersweet. This project was a large part of our lives for the past year. It was both a challenging and an exciting experience, but now it's come to an end.

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