Wednesday, June 6, 2007

This morning, the HVAC contractors from Bonanza Heating and Air Conditioning put in all the registers and covered the return vents. Here's a picture of the register in the master bedroom ceiling.

And here is the register in the floor of the breakfast nook.

Ekrem was also there. He started to hook up the sump pump in the back yard, but he had a question for Brad about the battery backup. I think that's why it's not completed yet.

He also fixed the lower courtyard lights (after he had put in the light fixtures a few days ago, the lights could not be turned off -- none of the switches seemed to be connected to them). He also fixed some 3-way light switches in the basement.

Troy trimmed down all the doors in the carpeted areas. The doors were rubbing on the bottom due to the thickness of the carpet and pad. And Rob continued installing hardware for the pocket doors.

Later in the afternoon, a truck from Sunnyvale Lumber delivered our fiberglass front door and hardware. At first I thought they had made a mistake and sent us the wrong door because the door looked like it was wooden. But after freaking out Brad, I realized that it was indeed the correct door. Our door has a wooden core with a laminated fiberglass exterior.

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