Friday, June 15, 2007

Early this morning, Bonanza Heating & Air Conditioning arrived to fix a gutter downspout and tied down the A/C condenser pad.

I went with our neighbors to Boething Tree Farm and looked for a tree to plant between our houses. They selected a Ginkgo Biloba tree in a 36" box, so I called Daniel Mendoza to let him know. Daniel told us to tag the tree; he'll pick it up on Monday.

The plumbers from SCM Plumbing came and moved the cutoff valve closer to the range.

They also secured the gas line to the attic furnace.

Ekrem and Dave from CBE Electric Co. finished putting while-in-use covers on all the exterior outlets.

They also pounded a 10 foot long grounding rod into the ground, about three feet from the edge of the basement, near the main panel and connected it the to grounding bar in the panel.

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