Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We saw Brad at the job site this morning and he told us the final re-inspection will be tomorrow morning. I think we'll pass this time because everything on the list from the first final inspection will be completed by tomorrow.

I met with Alberto (Lucia sent him to touch up and seal the granite) at the job site later in the morning, and he said he would look over the project today and come back tomorrow to do the work. We went through the house and discussed each of the rooms. I also asked him, when he comes back tomorrow, to give me an estimate for sealing all of the tile in and around the house.

In the afternoon, I met Ekrem at the job site. He had to torque down the bolts in the electrical panels. I also mentioned the fireplace outlet and he hooked it up. I need to ask Brad to get West Coast Insulation back to finish installing the fireplace.

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