Tuesday, June 12, 2007

When I arrived at the job site, Josh, from SolarCity, was there waiting for the city inspector to show up. The inspector had wanted him to check the torque on the bolts holding the panels to the brackets. He had also wanted a sign on the inverter indicating where the DC disconnect switch is located.

Brad showed up later. He called National Construction Rental and scheduled them to remove the construction fencing tomorrow. It will be nice to see the house without the chain-link fence.

I spent the afternoon, moving stuff we wanted to save, from the garage to the storage room in the basement. Also, Argonaut Window & Door delivered our window screens sometime today -- they were all stacked in the back patio. So I moved all of them to the storage room too. Whew -- that was tiring!

Later in the evening I received an email from Josh describing how to turn on and off the solar power system. I suppose that means he passed the inspection.

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