Monday, September 25, 2006

Here's a picture of Marc Ferrari (the Ferrari family owns Ferma Corporation) operating a Bobcat. The crew from Ferma was able to squeeze a couple of their smaller pieces of equipment along the right side to the back of the property. Brad thinks they'll be able to finish the backfill by tomorrow.

The building inspector came out at about 2 PM today to look at the basement framing and the joists. He gave his approval so KC Construction can proceed with the subfloor and the first floor framing.

Brad and Rick (from KC Construction) were working on the details for pouring the garage slab. They need to slope the concrete so they were checking with the structural engineer to make sure the extra thickness won't be a problem. Rick was told by the structural engineer that the back of the garage must not exceed a thickness of 5-1/2" and the front of the garage must be at least 3" thick. That gives Brad the 2-1/2" he needs to for the slope.

I went down to see Chris Pieper at Argonaut Window & Door to pay the 50% deposit for our Andersen Windows. He'll coordinate with Brad to figure out when the order needs to be placed and when to schedule the delivery. I also asked him to give us a quote for a Jeld-Wen fiberglass front door.

Today, I also talked to Pete Handy at West Coast Insulation Inc. I told him that we're interested in the Regency P42 fireplace and that Brad wants to talk to him about having them do the insulation too.

Finally, I put in a call to Paul at Adanac Fire Protection to find out more about fire protection systems and start him working on a quote for us.

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