Friday, September 22, 2006

If you stop by the job site today, the first thing you will notice is Ferma Corporation had removed the Baker tank! Now there is space for all the material that's going to be delivered over the next several monts. More importantly, now there is space for Brad's trailer/ office.

The next thing you will notice is the floor joists are almost finished! Kevin Capps, the owner of KC Construction (the framing contractor), happened to be there. He told me he asked Brad to schedule an inspection for Monday. Kevin hopes to put in the subfloor on Monday after the inspection and finish the first floor framing by next Friday!

Finally, you will notice that Ferma has removed the tops of the steel beams from the retaining walls on the left and right sides of the property. Just the top few feet were removed. The remainder of the steel beems and wooden slats -- everything below two feet from the site grade -- will be left in the ground forever.

This afternoon we went to West Coast Insulation, Inc. and met with Pete Handy. He showed us various models of fireplaces and gave us a bunch of brochures to look at. On his suggestion, we're leaning toward a Regency model, possibly the P42.

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