Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wow, look at how much the framing contractors from KC Construction have accom- plished in just one day. It looks like most of the framing for the interior walls of the basement has been completed.

All of the sump pumps have been turned off. Ferma Corporation will be coming back on Monday to remove the Baker tank, which is completely empty. And they'll be finishing up the backfill throughout that week. This is great news for Brad because soon he'll have a place to put his office.

Brad told us we need to call Chris at Argonaut Window & Door to order the windows. Brad will be needing the windows in about eight weeks and there's a four to six week lead time for them.

Brad is pushing us to decide on the hardscape for the lower courtyard. He needs to know the thickness because that affects the spacing of the steps. He also needs us to decide on the front door and the fireplace for the rough opening sizes.

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