Tuesday, September 19, 2006

We met Brad at the job site this afternoon to review the Andersen window order. There were a few changes where we need 6-9/16" jamb extensions. When I returned home, I fired off an email to Chris at Argonaut Window & Door so he can make the corrections.

There was lots of activity today with three different groups of subcontractors present at the site.

Ferma Corporation was there, working on the backfill. The last couple of days, they had been pulled off our job by an emergency, so they were busy making up for lost time. One problem they need to solve is how to get the rocks and dirt to the back of the property -- there's no room for them to maneuver on the sides of the property (it's too narrow). They may have to bring in some sort of conveyor machine to shoot it across to the back.

The crew from Ferma was also cleaning out the Baker tank -- there was about six inches of sediment in the bottom. They are hoping to remove the Baker tank by tomorrow.

The framing contractors from KC Construction were also there, finishing the framing in the basement. A load of lumber for the floor joists and subfloor was delivered this morning. Brad brought in a crane later in the afternoon to move the joists into place for the carpenters, but it had to wait. Ferma had to move some of the dirt out of the way so the crane could get in there.

I also met Jim Giancola (from Jim Giancola Concrete) for the first time. He happened to be meeting a potential client at our job site. His crew was busy finishing up the forms in the lower courtyard. An inspector is coming out tomorrow, before they pour the concrete for the stairs and the planter box.

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