Thursday, September 28, 2006

Most of the lumber for the first floor framing was delivered this morning. The strong walls have not been ordered yet because there were some incon- sistencies in the plans that needed to be clarified. Rick, the framing contractor from KC Construction says they should be done with the first floor framing by Monday!

We met with both Brad and Gary at the job site this afternoon and looked at the framing in the basement. We noticed a couple of things that needed to be corrected: the jamb around the sliding door in the workout room needed to be fixed, and a header needed to be added for the built-in cabinet under the stairs. We also spent some time discussing the window seat and the fireplace in the living room. We had been leaning toward a Regency P42 fireplace, but Gary persuaded us to choose a smaller one because the P42 is too large for our modestly sized living room. We'll probably choose either the P36 or P33 model from Regency.

We showed Brad the sample of travertine tile. He told us we could use thinner (less expensive!) tiles, so we'll go find another sample.

Also Brad told us that when we select the toilet for the basement, we'll need to find one that has a 10" rough-in (oops).

And finally, Brad said his trailer/office will be delivered on Monday!

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