Tuesday, November 7, 2006

I had a long, productive meeting with Brad and Gary this afternoon at the job site. While we were there, we also talked to Rick from KC Construction and Victor, the plumber. We went over many issues:


1. Gary feels strongly that the pocket doors leading to the dining room should be two sets of 2' 6" double doors which would give us a 10 foot opening. We think two 3' 6" pocket doors would be okay and would reduce the complexity of the door and keep the cost down. I asked Brad to put up some plywood so we could see what a 7' opening would look like.

We decided to go with the 7' opening and two 3' 6" pocket doors.

2. Gary has a drawing for the roof of the window seat. He needs to email it to us so we can approve it. He wants to know what type of material we want on the roof.

For the roof of the window seat, we want to use bronze.

3. The foyer ceiling is supposed to be raised. We have a few choices. We could raise a rectangular section or one with the corners cut at an angle. Or we could put in a precast dome.

We told Gary we wanted a rectangular raised section. He told Brad to make it 9" from each edge.

4. We went over the changes to the guest bathroom to convert the tub-shower into just a shower, with the shower head on the opposite wall.

5. We talked about how the landing for the stairs leading to the second floor would be built.

6. Gary asked Brad to drop the ceiling down one foot, above the small niche on the first floor, by the stairs.

7. Brad said he may have to pass a pipe through the corner of the mud room. I asked him if he could put it in the pantry instead. He said he would try.

8. Gary gave Brad the dimensions for framing the built-in cabinets in the powder room and guest bathroom.


1. In the upstairs bathroom Gary is okay with Brad's suggestion to shorten up the vanity to give a 6" gap between the vanity and the tub.

2. We talked about some issues in the other bathroom. Even a 10" rough-in toilet will not fit if we want to tile the walls, so we may need to go with flat studs to gain a couple of inches.

3. Gary provided details for the entry arch into the master bedroom, as well as the the art niche in the vestibule. The art niche will be about 15" deep.

4. We spent a long time discussing the master bathroom and how wide to build the jacuzzi deck. Because of the width, we'll need to make the door to the toilet smaller (2' 2" instead of 2' 4") in order to provide enough room for trim.

5. Gary talked to the plumber about the design for the shower head in the master bathroom -- it's offset one foot from the mixing valve. He wanted to know if we want the same design in all of the other showers.

We'll use the slide bar in the Guest Room shower, Bath #2 shower, and Bath #3 tub; and the regular shower head in the Bath #1 tub. The shower in the master bath will have one of each.

6. Finally, Brad and Gary spent some time discussing how to provide drainage for the deck.


1. Gary provided Brad with dimensions for the built-in bookcase in the playroom. It will be framed 1' above the ground and 7' high.

2. I gave details to Brad for the wall and door in the storage room for the home automation gear.

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