Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The job site was bustling with activity today!

The electricians were here early this morning putting in cans and switch boxes. Brad said he had to "kick them out" because they were jumping the gun -- the carpenters weren't done straightening out the studs yet.

The HVAC contractor was here running ducts in the basement. It looks like "The Thing" has invaded our house.

Peter, David, and Sebastian from SolarCity were here. Peter was taking care of some contracting paperwork with Brad. David and Sebastian were putting in the standoffs for the solar panels. Brad spent some time with them to figure out where to mount the main distribution panel and their inverter and where to run the wiring from the solar panels to the inverter.

Rick started building the supports for the landing of the stairs leading to the second floor.

Also Chris Pieper from Argonaut Window & Door stopped by to deliver the Velux skylight. He said the truck delivering our windows was running late and wasn't sure if he would receive them tomorrow or Friday.

We discussed a few issues with Brad:

1. We mentioned to Brad that Rick had missed the soffit in the dining room so the two of them snapped the chalk lines for it.

2. We talked about the height for the foyer ceiling. Rick is going to raise the inner part by 7 to 8".

3. I asked Brad if there are any code restrictions for outlet boxes, as far as height from the floor. I need to raise some of them in the Storage Room by about 15".

4. Brad reminded us to go purchase the two tubs -- one for the basement bathroom and one for the upstairs bathroom.

A couple of other things:

Brad had drilled four cores in the concrete walls yesterday. One is for the sewer line (the first and second floor sewers lines will dump into here as well as the line from the sewer ejector in the basement). The other three will be for exhaust vents for the furnaces and water heater.

He had also put down a layer of sheetrock in the garage to protect the floor.

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