Thursday, November 30, 2006

We met with Brad and Gary at the job site this afternoon and we talked about several issues:

1. We gave Brad a brochure from Masonite to show him the door style we like -- a 2 panel Roman in a smooth finish.

2. We asked Brad to provide 220V to the stackable washer/dryer in the second floor bathroom.

3. Brad said John Ou is close to getting him a solution to the structural problem with the stacked Simpson Strong-Walls (first mentioned in my post on Thursday, November 16, 2006). He hopes to have it by early next week.

4. We walked through the house and marked where we would like the carpenters to add backing for towel bars, pictures, curtain rods, etc.

5. We decided that one of the volume control valves in the master shower was too high, so we asked Brad to tell the plumber to lower it by about six inches.

6. After talking to Gary, we decided to remove all of the can lights in the kids' bedrooms and just use the light in the fan unit.

Also Dave Bengel called and said his home secuity expert could not come to the job site today, but they would be meeting there at 10 AM tomorrow. I'll try to be there too.

On another note, as we were going through the house, I noticed a funny sound coming from the basement -- the sound of gushing water. I quickly told Brad to shut off the water and found the plumbers, who taking a lunch break, to tell them they had a leak (they had been pressure testing their pipes). We ended up with 1" puddles of water in parts of the basement, which the plumbers had to then sweep into sewer ejector pump. Ugh.

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