Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This morning Brad met with the contractors from Argonaut Window & Door. They started by placing all the windows and doors in the rooms where they are to be installed. Then they applied flashing around the openings for the windows.

By the afternoon, they had installed most of the windows on the first floor.

The carpenters from KC Construction were also there, continuing their work on the interior, including installation of the pocket door frames and framing the nook outside the master bedroom.

Later in the afternoon, I returned to the job site and dropped off some print outs in Brad's office, with installation information for the SubZero refrigerator and Dacor range that we have chosen.

A couple of contractors from Jim Giancola Concrete showed up around that time, to grind down some of the walls in preparation for stucco.

While I was there, I was looking at the windows, and I noticed the contractors had installed the wrong window in the dinning room. It's the same model number, CX24, as another window down in the basement, but they swapped the two windows by accident. The one in the dining room is supposed to have factory installed 4-9/16" jamb extensions, and the one in the basement is supposed to have straight-arm hardware and no jamp extensions.

Back at home, I went through the entire window schedule to make a list of things I need to double check tomorrow. I need to check a CX14 near the front door that should have tempered glass. There are other CX14's in the house without tempered glass, so I want to make sure they installed the correct one by the front door. I also need to check the various sliding glass doors in the house -- I need to make sure they placed the door panels in the correct rooms. Many of the panels are the same size, but some of them have divided light and some of them do not.

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