Monday, November 27, 2006

When I arrived at the job site this morning, the sheetrock was being delivered, and the workers were moving it by hand down to the basement. Brad brought out a crane to help lift the sheetrock up to the second floor. Unfortunately, the window installers had installed a window on the second floor in the front of the house -- one that Brad had specifically told them not to install -- so they had to pull out the window.

Rick and his crew were there finishing up the rough carpentry. Rick was working on the jacuzzi deck in the master bathroom and some of the other guys were working on the tray ceilings.

The electricians were also there installing boxes, wires, and cans.

When I returned home, I called Dana the cabinet maker and setup an appointment for tomorrow morning.

We both went back to the job site in the afternoon to meet with Brad and Ed from Bonanza Heating & Air Conditioning and talk about the roof over the window seat.

We also went around with Brad to mark where we want to locate the built-in niches in the showers.

Brad wants us to either purchase the tubs or get him the cut sheets. I went to Home Depot later in the afternoon, and they have the tubs we want. Tomorrow, I'll call Michelle at Cornelia's to see if she can match the price. Otherwise I'll just buy them from Home Depot.

Finally, Brad told us to start thinking about tile.

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