Saturday, November 4, 2006

We went to the job site this afternoon to go over the electrical plans and confirm for ourselves that the design is what we want.

We happened to see Brad there, and he talked to him about a few issues. Because of the way the stairs are designed, he will need to build a wall to support the landing between the first and second floors. That wall will make the hallway narrower, so the door to the guest bedroom will either have to be narrower (2' 6" instead of 2' 8") or the molding around the door will need to be ripped (won't look very good). We decided to go with the narrower door.

Later, as we walked through the structure with the plans, we came up with several questions and some changes we may want to make. We'll bring them up next week, when we meet with Brad, Gary, and the electrician to go over the electrical plans.

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