Monday, November 6, 2006

This afternoon I had a meeting with Dave Bengel from CB Electic to further discuss the A/V control and distribution options. He showed me a demo of Microsoft Media Center Edition (I was already familiar with it) running on a RAID box. It was a nice setup. The picture was crisp and the system was extremely quiet.

Before the meeting, I was talking with Brad. He said we may need to purchase a toilet with a 10" rough-in for the shared bathroom upstairs (this is the second one -- we already needed one for the basement). The plumbers started their work on the job today. Brad showed me where the plumber had started installing the sewer lines for the second floor bathrooms. You can see in the picture below, where the plumber had to roll the sewer line around the top plate in two places.

The second picture shows some of the hot and cold water lines going from the basement up into the kitchen.

We talked to the plumber about some requirements to support a barbeque area in the backyard. We'll need hot and cold water lines as well as a sewer line and a gas line. The plan is to supply the water lines from the kitchen, below the window box, trench a dedicated sewer line to the main sewer, and trench a gas line from the gas main.

Brad is meeting with Gary tomorrow afternoon to discuss the pocket doors for the dining room. We talked about some of the options, and I'll try to show up at the meeting too.

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