Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I went to Home Depot this morning and purchased two cast iron Kohler Villager tubs. I also rented the Home Depot truck to haul them over to the job site.

When I got to the job site, there were no contractors working on the house! I think this was the first time that's happened since July. Luckily for me, Brad was there. He helped me unload the two tubs -- they each weigh about 316 lbs. :-0

Afterwards, I talked to Brad about the issue with the can lights in the kids' rooms. He suggested we go with two smaller cans, and we'll probably do that.

Brad told me the installers from Adanac Fire Protection will be coming out on Monday to begin installing the fire sprinkler system.

Later in the afternoon I met with Dave Bengel at the job site to go over his bid for the low voltage wiring. He answered several of my questions and also gave me a breakdown of the costs. I need to go back and rethink some of the structured wiring to see how I can reduce the cost because it's just too expensive right now.

Unfortunately, Dave's home security expert wasn't able to come today. Dave is supposed to meet him there tomorrow afternoon -- hopefully I'll be able to meet up with them.

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