Thursday, November 2, 2006

We met with Brad at the job site this afternoon. As you can see the house looks like it's completely framed now with all the plywood on the roof. Last night there was a light rain. We have some puddles of water in the house, but it's not nearly as bad as the last rain, when we were completely exposed.

Brad happened to be talking to the electrician, Jeff Hull from CB Electric, when we showed up. I spent some time talking to Dave Bengel who also works for CB Electric. Dave does their low voltage work and A/V systems. We talked about some of our options for home automation and A/V distribution. I'm going to meet with Dave again on Monday.

Later we discussed some items with Brad. We told him that the plans do not accurately reflect what we want in the window seat. We're going to talk to Gary about updating the drawings to show a window seat with a metal roof, but with no overhang. The picture below shows what the carpenters from KC Construction have built (according to the plans). They'll need to remove that overhang.

We also need to get Gary's revised drawing of the guest bathroom to Brad so he can have the carpenters make the necessary changes to accomodate the plumbers.

Later in the afternoon, I also met with Dru Sutton from REC Solar at the job site to discuss the solar panel options. We sat down with Brad and talked about scheduling when the roof jacks for the panels should be put in and how the penetrations for the wiring should be done. Dru is going to get me a formal contract to sign so we can move forward.

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